Let's elevate your leadership capability, impact, brand and career planning and set you up for long-term success.

This program gives you the practical, no-fluff training, frameworks and systems to confidently lead yourself, your people & your career.


Hi, I'm Rachael Pickworth.

After coaching leaders for 20 years across public and private sectors, there's one thing I know for sure...

Most leaders are not set up for success.

There are enormous expectations of leaders today.

You’re typically busy, time poor, stretched and under pressure to deliver, while lacking the key systems, structure and tools to confidently & effectively lead yourself, your team, your people and your career. 

With back to back meetings, stakeholders, staff issues, delivery expectations of management and relentless email, it can feel like you're chasing your tail.

Despite your best intentions to develop as a leader and make a greater difference, there can be little time or energy left to focus on leading, let alone finding the time for your leadership or career development.

But at the end of the day, if you're not effectively leading yourself, your team, your people or your career, it will lead to disengagement, a reduction in output and a drop in the perception of your team and your performance as a leader.

It can be frustrating when you're not providing your greatest value to the business, maximising your career potential or engaging the hearts and minds of your people.

You don't need to feel this way.

Let's do something about that...

I have developed a program  to help busy team leaders, managers, GMs, Directors and Executive Directors to become more effective leaders.

When working with thousands of leaders over the years I began to notice the secrets of high performing leaders; specific frameworks and systems that made a dramatic difference to a leader's confidence, sense of control, impact and both management and leadership effectiveness.

I pulled my experience and learnings together to develop an online leadership development program with bite-sized weekly learnings, practical systems and tools for immediate, tangible results.

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Program Overview

The MAD Leaders Elevate in 90 Days system is designed to support busy leaders to establish and embed strong frameworks and systems to elevate management and leadership activity, career planning and key relationships in the business.

This fast-paced, thorough and easy-to-implement training will address fundamental topics including building teams, running effective one-on-one sessions, planning out your leadership calendar, managing up, building your brand, values and purpose reflection and goal setting.

I've created the program to provide big shifts in 30 minutes per week.

The program is delivered over 12 weeks with a weekly lesson (10 to 20 minute video plus action) via a dedicated training portal, with a focus on learning, implementation, support and built-in accountability (1:1 coaching is an optional add-on).

Participants have access to the program for 12 months. 

Content Outline

Welcome area - Set yourself up for success and engage your manager

Week 1.   Purpose & potential - self reflection, values, crafting your 'WHY', purpose activity & goals

Week 2.   Establish your strategic recurring leadership calendar

Week 3.   Drive your leadership capability development planning (+ competency self-assessment)

Week 4.   Build your awareness by seeking out feedback in an empowered way

Week 5.   Delivery planning and managing expectations

Week 6.   Elevate your leadership via a simple strategic communication strategy

Week 7.   Embed a system for 1:1 meetings to engage, manage and lead

Week 8.   Meetings that engage and align your team to deliver 

Part 1: Strategic meetings calendar

Part 2: Leading with meetings

Week 9.   Develop team leadership awareness and capability - assessment

Week 10.  Build your network, knowledge & brand with mentors

Week 11.   Elevate your career planning

Week 12.   Refocus your 12 month vision, goals & focus

Built-in accountability 

From the welcome lesson to the last lesson the participant's manager is brought along for the ride.

When participants complete a lesson they receive an email with the subject line 'Share with your manager', which supports them to share their learnings, insights, progress and achievements. 

This supports them to stay on track, demonstrate their commitment to their development, spark discussion, cement learnings and strengthen their relationship with their manager.

Shifts can happen fast...

Genevieve had been sitting in a role for 10 years at a business and when she applied the 'Build Your Network' and 'Informal Mentoring' learnings above was offered a 12-month secondment position in her dream role, something she hadn't previously thought possible.

Angus used my quick 'Purpose Activity' to get clarity about his ideal role as a leader and moved away from directly leading people to driving major projects forward in the business.

Vicky applied my 'Structure Your Calendar' process to leading her new division and was shocked at how quickly she felt a sense of control and engendered immediate buy-in from the team.

Tom was doubting himself and after he used my 'Feedback is Gold' process he discovered exactly what people felt were his strengths and opportunities for growth and moved forward with greater certainty and self-belief.

The more the merrier

The program can be delivered to 1 or 1000 participants.

The advantage of multiple leaders journeying through the program together is peer support/accountability and leadership capability uplift across the business.

The program can be tailored to suit your business.

Add your logo, a welcome video from your CEO and lessons/resources specific to your business.

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Your success is my goal

Since 2001 I've supported leaders across small and large business to build their capability and plan their careers.

"Your combination of coaching, team coaching and coaching skills training over recent months has supported our leadership team to move to the next level. We are more aligned, focused and have a better understanding of how to be effective leaders. Thank you for your support."

Stuart Draffin
GM Planning and Development, City of Stonnington

"Through coaching sessions with Rachael I have been able to quite quickly achieve clarity and a sense of purpose around what my goals are. This has made it a lot easier to make decisions on where I should be focussing my time and what career decisions I should make. The clarity has provided a sense of relief by taking away the ‘noise’. I would not have achieved this without Rachael providing guidance and gently challenging and interrogating my thinking."

Kym Myall
Director Risk Assessment and Intelligence, Australian Tax Office

"Coaching for me is about staying at the top of my game in every aspect of my life. With such a demanding career, whilst being successful at what I do, coaching ensures I prioritise my relationship, my kids, my health and my downtime, in ensuring my life is a success."

Prakash Menon
Director Myer Logistics Myer Ltd.

"Rachael has worked with a number of colleagues at various organisations for me. Rachael has the ability to take the people ‘out of their comfort zone’. She will ask them to assess, challenge and stretch themselves. By doing this she gets results. I have seen great growth in these colleagues as a result of the sessions they have had with Rachael."

Fleur Delves
Victorian Manager, PKL Recruitment

"The coaching, enthusiasm and insight Rachael provided me throughout my journey, has not only enabled me to discover a great deal about myself but more importantly made me conscious and able to refocus on how I can progress positive change. I have felt comfortable and inspired since our first meeting and the momentum continues today. A motivating learning experience for me – Thank you."

John Karabatsos,
Manager IT Market Interface Solutions, Australian Energy Market Operator Ltd

"You are a legend. Thank you so much for facilitating our goal setting day. I was really pleased with the outcome. I admire the way you ran the day and your perceptiveness to the different personalities. You really do have a gift with people. Thank you again."

Regina McInnes
MD, McInnes Property Management

"As a HR Business Partner I have engaged Rachael’s coaching services periodically over the last 5 years. This has included Rachael coaching individual staff (40), delivering goal setting workshops and facilitating team coaching with great success. Rachael has a unique and vibrant way in which she engages an audience and individuals to set and achieve goals and it is always a pleasure working with her."

Donna Durston-McKenna
HR Business Partner, Southern Health

"Rachael opened my mind to possibilities I hadn’t even considered. The sessions helped me explore my values, understand my personal and professional purpose and be confident that I can make the right choices to balance what I initially felt were conflicting aspirations. Thanks Rachael."

Charles Boorman
Program Planning Specialist, VICRoads

"Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated and enjoyed your presentations at our recent WCN networking breakfasts. You might be interested to know that at the May breakfast we had a record attendance with over 160 guests and that you are the first speaker we have asked back due to such an overwhelming interest. The response has been phenomenal and the evaluation forms 100% positive! You will be a tough act for others to follow. "

Kate Wilkins
Member Relations Executive, CPA Australia

"We recently engaged Rachael’s services to facilitate a series of interactive workshops held throughout Australia for our Women in Mortgage Broking Network members resulting in tremendous success, positive feedback and delighted workshop participants. Rachael’s warm and energetic style not only engaged our audiences but left them wondering where the time had gone and wanting more! She has an extremely genuine and passionate approach to sharing her insights and encouraging others to reach their true potential – whatever that may be. Rachael comes highly recommended by our Network and PLAN Australia as a business."

Jenny Stewart
Training and HR Manager

"Working with Rachael has been truly fulfilling. Being a bit of a sceptic of coaching and not really enjoying opening up, I was very unsure of what I was letting myself into. My worries were very quickly dismissed. Rachael is analytical, yet warm and she is incredibly real. Her own business acumen and general life experience all make for such well rounded coaching sessions. I always leave our sessions recharged mentally and motivated to succeed in achieving my goals and be the best I can be."

Rachel Stefanovski
National General Manager, PKL Recruitment

"As the organiser it was an absolute pleasure to deal with you – you are both organised and easy-going – a breath of fresh air in this industry! You are professional, friendly and a delight to work with!"

Kym McGuinness
MD, Centrum Events

Fees below are for up to 10 participants and then group discounts apply.

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30-day 100% money back guarantee*

Frequently asked questions

If you lead people, projects or products AND YOU WANT TO DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP CAPABILITY then this program is for you.

Quite simply, do you want to stay where you are?

If the answer is yes then this program is not for you.


I understand that you are busy, so although your content is released weekly you can go at your own pace. 

When you complete a section of content or a module you will automatically be emailed congratulating you and guiding you with the next section of content.

You will have 12 months to participate in the program.

You will have access to the training portal for 12 months, so if you fall behind you will have plenty of time to consume the content.

I have intentionally built the program to be simple and intuitive.

You can access the training portal from your phone, device or computer and the training is easy to navigate.

The program consists of one weekly lesson for a period of 12 weeks.

From my experience more content than this will feel overwhelming.

From the first week of the program I will guide you with bringing your manager along on the journey.

Periodically you will be given video links for your manager to view in order to support you. Where relevant you will be prompted to send your manager updates on your progress to demonstrate your participation.

Many businesses have a training and development budget which you may be able to access for this program.

A little further down the page you will find a button to download a program summary to provide to your manager for approval.

Yes we can provide an invoice to your business, although most businesses will reimburse approved credit card purchases under $2000.

Should you require an invoice please email us with the name of the business and the address, along with your details and phone number to [email protected] and we can organise that for you.

The invoice for the program will be for 'Professional Development', which generally means you can claim this as a tax deduction, however please consult your accountant to be sure.

* 30-Day Guarantee

If participants have completed three lessons for 3 weeks (welcome module plus 2 weeks of module 1) within the 30-day period and are not completely happy they will be eligible for a full refund. 



I’ve taken every effort to accurately represent this program and its ability to support the development of leaders.

I will make every effort to provide you with quality information and guidance to achieve these results, but in the end participation determines results. I make no guarantees to you as to these results.

Terms and conditions.

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